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April 11 2016

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The same way that not everybody likes to listen to the same kind of music while working out, not everyone likes to use the same kind of earbuds either. Some prefer wired, some wireless, some in-ears and some clip ons. But which ever you prefer, we have got you covered! You can't deny that a good gym workout is usually accompanied by some good music. If you are in the market for good workout headphones, then check out this website for the best gym headphones in 2016!

March 26 2016

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You know how I said that wireless chargers aren't really stylish? A company called Fatboy has a solution. They have created stunning pillow covers for wireless chargers! A smartphone just sitting on them looks perfect. So if you are tired of having a plain wireless charging pad, then the Fatboy pillow is an excellent choice!

January 26 2016

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TYLT VU Wireless Review

Hey guys today I am going to introduce you the best Qi wireless charger called the TYLT VU! You are probably wondering what makes it so special. I mean there are thousands of Qi wireless chargers out there. How could this possibly differ from all the others?

Well guess what it actually is. TYLT VU has a unique design that fits everywhere. Let it be home or office. It will make be the perfect accessory on your desk. What makes the design so special is that when you place your smartphone to charge, it will stay in a tilted 45 degree angle which lets you view your smartphone better than a flat one. It also lets you use your smartphone while charging. Besides the unique design it also holds a 3 coil technology inside it. This basically turns the entire chargers surface into a wireless charger. So you can place your smartphone even upside down and it will charge.

The design also has a tiny LED light underneath it. It lets you know if your device is charging or not. You may think what's the point, it will just make the entire room bright during night and it will be impossible to get any sleep. Yes that is the case with 99% of wireless chargers. TYLT VU is however yet again different, the LED light is dim and glows only slightly. You won't even notice it during the night. I love it.

Enough about the design however, below is a tiny list of its technical specifications.

Technical Specification
1. Qi wireless charging standard
2. Size: 7.5x3.5x0.5" / 19x9x1cm
3. Charging power of 1A/5W
4. Costs $54

As I mentioned before, charging wirelessly with the TYLT VU is as simple as it can be with the 3 coil technology. The charger also comes with its own power cable that you simply need to stick into a wall outlet. Charging power is pretty average. It will definitely take longer to charge your smartphone wirelessly than it would take with a cable.

But as I said it just makes it simpler to place the TYLT VU onto your desk at work and just leave it. I personally wouldn't use it at home as it doesn't fit the style I'm trying to rock there. But at work it stands firmly on my desk and I couldn't be happier :-)

I would also like to thank this TYLT VU Review which I read a while ago and they really helped me pick out this charger. They also inspired me to write my own review.

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January 20 2016

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The worlds first ever braille tablet created specially for blind people! Its surface has tiny plastic pins that are moved up and down by liquid and air.

The technology is able to render more complex visual information and textured images.

Braille tablet allows the blind to read complex mathematical and scientific concepts. Besides just reading text.

The tablet should end up costing less than $1000.

Welcome To My Blog!

Welcome to my blog about technology! I love technology and always have and so here you can find the coolest gadgets available! If you have any stuff you would like me to post too then please send them! I don't think there is such a thing as enough awesome technology.
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